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Why should I register?


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Why should I register?

There are a number of benefits to registering at the CADTutor AutoCAD Forums. As a guest user of these forums, you can view posts but you can't reply to posts or create new threads. By registering, you become part of the CADTutor community. Once registration is complete you will be able to create new threads and ask questions or reply to questions posted by others. Unlike some other bulletin boards, this one is friendly and well run. We pride ourselves on our ability to help other AutoCAD users with their problems and over the years, we've developed an enviable reputation for providing good advice to beginners and seasoned users alike.


But, the benefits of registration do not stop at the kudos of being part of a great community, it also gives you an enhanced user experience. As a member of these forums, you will have access to the Community forums. These include a chat forum, jobs information and other community related stuff, you may want to showcase your work so that other members can see what you've been doing.




Members also benefit from being able to see images displayed in posts rather than links. This is a very busy board and we try to keep our bandwidth down by serving attached images to members only.




If you're a regular AutoCAD user or just a beginner, you'll benefit from membership of our forums. Confidentiality is assured and you control what information others members can see. The forum software is very secure and even site administrators cannot discover your password.


If you would like to register, take a look at the "Read this before you register" article to ensure a quick and successful registration.


Once registered, why not introduce yourself by starting a new thread in the "Introduce Yourself" forum in the Community area.


Forum Newbies

Forum Newbies have restricted privileges. This is mainly to combat spammers but it also acts as a further incentive for members to contribute to the forum. Members will gain full privileges when they become a Junior Member. In order to become a Junior Member, you must have a post count of 10 but remember that posts made in the "Community" area of the forum do not count towards your post count.


Forum Newbies have the following restrictions:

1. No access to the Private Messaging system.

2. Cannot add signatures to posts.

3. Cannot use custom avatars (although the library avatars may be used).

4. Cannot add links to their posts.


Once a member has made 10 posts, all of these restrictions are lifted.

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