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Free Architecture Blocks

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ARCHIBLOCS currently features over 2500 2D CAD Symbols in AutoCAD format. Our 2D symbols greatly enhance your sketch & presentation drawings & provide clients with very detailed, graphically pleasing layouts which they will understand better.



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It looks like some of the blocks are free, as you stated, but the vast majority of blocks must be purchased. Is that correct?


The site needs a little more work.

In one area the word "Blocks" is used but in another it is spelled "Bloc".

I found one section of blocks (Bicycles & Motorcycles) where all the images were blurry.

The word Vehicle is misspelled.

It is not very clear how one registers with the site or isn't that necessary?

If one wants to leave a comment they are prompted for a User name and Password. How does one go about creating such information?

Many of the main headings use a plural spelling when it isn't necessary.


What is the source of the blocks? Who created them?


Honestly, I think the site might have some potential but it needs more work.


For the time being I would not be inclined to utilize your website.

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Hi Remark


thanks for your remarks ,we take them in consideration

for sources of blocks we create them

we are architects and those blocks are the ones we use on our drawings


we just launch the site ( 3 days ) and we are still working to improve it

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Hi Remark

thanks for your remarks

Just got the joke of your name:lol:

Nice website but i am have issue downloading some of your blocks and there are many spelling mistakes.

I add this to my registor off blocks website.

p.s. are all the blocks free to publish

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sorry for spelling mistakes. we are french speaking architects :)

we are correcting them

in this week we will add Buildings Templates

all blocks are free to publish


can you tell me which blocks you had problem to download :)

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