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3D Orbit does not work with Shift + Mouse wheel


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When trying to orbit while pressing the mouse wheel & holding shift nothing happens. I have looked into CUI and everything is set up correctly under mouse buttons. Clicking on the navigation wheel allows me to orbit but using shift and mouse is so much quicker. I have just upgraded to AutoCAD 2013 perhaps that is the problem?? How can I fix this??



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Have you tried plugging a mouse borrowed from a coworker into your computer?

Might it be the MOUSE settings in windows causing it?

I can't find any Autocad system variable which would seem to affect it.


It certainly sounds like you have already checked this, but has the macro in the properties somehow changed?

It works on my 2013, and the macro is as shown in the image.

As rkent mentioned hold the shift key down first, and of course you are trying this in modelspace (sorry, had to ask)?

check the transparent orbit macro in properties.jpg

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Brilliant yes it was the mouse. Must remember not to blame AutoCAD before checking everything else first.


It is working fine now.



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Happy to help. :)

May ALL your AUTOCAD problems be so easily remedied. :beer:


As a last resort, one should always feel free to blame the software. :D

More often than not, it will be a safe fallback postion.

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