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Autodesk Sync 2013 Service Pack 1 Fails to install


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Hi All,


I have had loads of problems with sync 2013 not syncing, but to be honest it hasn't really bothered me until now.


But I'm about to order a tablet computer, and it would be great to use the Autodesk app to review drawings on the tablet, so having sync 2013 working properly will be important.


I have downloaded service pack 1 from Autodesk, however, during installation a dialogue box asks for me to 'insert the 'Autodesk Sync' disc and click OK', but of course this is a download and I don't have a CD with the sync update. When I click cancel, a message is displayed:


"An installation package for part of the product Autodesk Sync cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package 'AdSync.msi'"



Has anybody else had this problem? Anybody any idea for a solution?


Thanks in advance.

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Got this sorted, it was more obvious than expected, just had to insert my AudoCAD LT media at the appropriate point (I keep all my discs at home not the office hence why I hadn't tried it straight off, but had a go over Christmas).


Definitely going to stick with physical media for now after this one! Don't know what I'd have done if I'd have opted for download only!

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