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RhinoParametrics Linear Dimension

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Hi everyone,

I feel like you may be able to help me : with the RhinoParametrics plugin, I created Linear dimension.

But when I double click on the linear dimension in order to modify the value, point's positions do not change.

Do you have any idea about how can I proceed to modify my points according to the linear dimension ?



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In RhinoParametrics, there two types of linear dimension.

Linear dimension are used to add information ins the model.

If anchor point are modified, the linear dimension is recompute and the text is modified.


In your case, if you want constrain point position by a dimension you need use the RhinoParametrics Point command _PPoint and choose the construction method "Relative Point XYZ"

In the dialog box you need choose a reference point, a constrain direction, an optional rotation.

You can set the plane to display the dimension and the dimension position.


With rhino command, if you activate the "Ortho" mode and draw line or polylines, RhinoParametrics create automaticaly Relative point.

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