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'Match properties' problem with Hatching

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Can anyone tell me why this happens:


I'm adding some rectangles to a drawing and want the hatching to match what it aready there. I thought the simplest way would be to match the properties, which works 99% of the time, but for some reason when I do that on the drawing I'm currently working on the scale is different.


Why does it do that!?!



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Match Properties works fine here on them. Have you adjusted the Settings for Match Properties? Watch the command line after selecting the source object and choose Settings.


I see what you mean visually now. The top originally have a different scale, just not showing visually.


I think this issue has been posted here before.

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If I match the properties of the top middle rectangle to the bottom line of hatches they go much to a much wider spacing.


Have you imported the hatch in from another drawing? I've found in the past importing things from a different drawing that was created with a different template hatching can go wierd.


You may have to draw the hatch manually or just adjust them so they look similar.

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I matched from and to all several times and opened all in properties, only difference was Area, all else was the same.


I see what you mean visually now. I think this has come up here before, might try a search.

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Top middle and now I've tried most combinations top right looks the same but alters all the other boxes on my Vanilla 2011.


If I match the bottom line to the top line first it corrects it. Strange.


Although I've had a thumping head ache most of today so I'm not on the top of my game. Hmm need a head-ache smiley!


Edit: All properties are the same for all 6 hatches, match properties is just acting wierd. Once I've matched bottom line to top everything is well in the CAD world and matching top middle and right to the others has no adverse effects.

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Thanks Chaps, my eyes have gone square today after having had a sum total of about 15 hours sleep this week (thanks to a miniature monster with an ear infection)!


The original drawing was done by someone else, who did have a funky way of doing things sometimes, so it's likely the issue lies there. We just made it look the same in the end but I will go in and change it.


I thought it might be something to do with annotative scaling, which I haven't got my head around yet.


Let me know if you find anything in a search SLW - I couldn't, but then it did give me about 7 pages to trawl through...scanning through the last 4 I may well have missed something :unsure:


Thanks again for taking to time to look at it, have a good weekend


:) :thumbsup:

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