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Glass act like MIRROR in rendering!


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What am I doing wrong?


I encountered the problem when I was test-rendering a scene where you are supposed to be able to look into nearby rooms through glass walls. But the glass reflected the surroundings like å mirror. In some tries i could bearly see some furniture in the other room, so the transperency isn't completely gone.


I use a solid glass material, at first i thought the material's reflection value was too high, but it was set on five, I tried to reduce it to 1, but the rendering came out just the same.


I have tried with different lighting options, but again... the same miserable result.


Any help would be very welcome! :)

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I'm sorry for not replying right away!


But I found out it was a question of different material qualities. I

used some material that is obviously is made for being smoked,

and I did not get that, because its name was "glass clear03" or

something like it. I should have explored more with different



Help I thank you for! Gentlemen you are

- Jawo

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