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Found 9 results

  1. Dear Masters, I need mirror of selected objects with reference to X-X axis. in my sample drawing i have selected all objects excluding blue circles. "please find after mirror drawing" and kindly share suitable lisp. Thanking you all, With best regards. Before Mirror.dwg After Mirror drawing.dwg
  2. Solved! See the first response below to see the solution. (RobDraw's post) Hello, recently last night my mirror tool did not easily snap or flip to what I was trying to do in the red box shown in the picture below: It can do any other angles but the other angles use to let it flip above/below the x-axis. Is there a way to fix this? I do not know how it got changed since it also affected my rotate tool to not rotate at 90° and I had closed the program so I lost the command history to see what caused all of this. I already reset AutoCAD settings to default and restarted my computer. I was able to fix the other tools in snap settings but mirror is the only one left and I use this command the most. I know I can use the rotate tool, but on educational purposes, I was wondering if I can change it back or was I using it incorrectly all along? I tried to search online but I do not know much of the terminology to get the right keywords. Any insight of how to phrase for my search will be grateful as well. Thank you.
  3. I have mirrtext set to '0' so it doesn't mirror the text (which i want, so that's great) however, it does mirror the text justification which drives me nuts. is there a way to fix it so it doesn't change the text formatting at all? please see images. one is non mirrored and you can see the blue grips indicating the change in justification from the left to the right. oops, the first one is after it was mirrored and the second one is pre mirror
  4. Hi! I've been experimenting a bit with annotative dynamic blocks, specifically with the purpose of creating annotative section arrows. I've created an annotative block containing the arrow drawing and a single attribute definition for the lettering (A, B, C...) that does NOT have locked position so that the user can be able to move the letters. Everything works as expected except one thing: when testing I've been mirroring the block to get one section arrow at each side of the plan. The text even stays correctly orientated (and if the section is diagonal I can go into the enhanced attribute editor and specify the text rotation). The problem occurs when I save and re-open the drawing, then it seems that AutoCAD forgot that the block was mirrored, and it has been flipped back and moved around. I am pretty sure this doesn't have anything to do with Annoreset or some variable like that, but I'm not sure. I was wondering if anybody else had a similar issue or can recreate the problem. I'm guessing this is just one of those AutoCAD things... and that the solution would be to create one block for each side, and don't ever mirror them. Rotating and scaling the blocks work just fine. Thanks in advance. I'll attach my file. section arrow.zip
  5. What am I doing wrong? I encountered the problem when I was test-rendering a scene where you are supposed to be able to look into nearby rooms through glass walls. But the glass reflected the surroundings like å mirror. In some tries i could bearly see some furniture in the other room, so the transperency isn't completely gone. I use a solid glass material, at first i thought the material's reflection value was too high, but it was set on five, I tried to reduce it to 1, but the rendering came out just the same. I have tried with different lighting options, but again... the same miserable result. Any help would be very welcome!
  6. Hi Inventor passionists, I would like to use constrains on axis(es), plane(s). For example using coincident button for a line to X axis (to sit the line on that axis). (Or dimension 0mm alternatively.) But,... the constrain does not recognize axis(es) and plane(s), even I make it/them visible. Or is any other function button exist to sit a line or origo of a circle on an axis? And how do I set same height? For example two lines or origo of a circle and a line etc.? Thanks.
  7. I thought by using mirror command in paper space I can get the mirror of my drawing, but it returns the same drawing. So if I want to have mirror of my drawing, first I have to mirror it in model space and then get the entire drawing in PS. Other commands, like copy, rotate, scale, affects whole model in PS but apparently rotate doesn't. Is there any key to change this behavior?
  8. Hi All, I'm new here and to AutoCAD. I'm having issues with a continuous arc segment that I created and then mirrored as part of a flourish on a headboard I'm designing. When I go to plot the layout, the mirrored line comes out super thick, even though I select the whole drawing to plot at .05mm thickness... Any suggestions? Thanks! Kristen
  9. This is my first post in this forum, please be gentle. I have previously found lots of answers by searching existing threads, but I've come up empty on this issue. I design travel trailers and draw the roadside (RS) and doorside (DS) walls on different overlapping layers. Since they are exactly the same size and shape around the perimeter, overlapping them maintains continuity when I add the floor, roof and front and rear wall profiles. When I plot the drawings for production I need to mirror the DS print. Currently, I am mirroring the drawing in model space. Is there a way to mirror the layout viewport so I don't have to mirror the drawing in model space? AutoCad 2011
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