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any way to get the longtitude and latitude from the xy?


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i have a file in autocad with somthing like 24,000 points of objects that include the x,y coordination in autocad... so i export all the point to a txt file because i want to have all this point in my database of my site (i am using google maps to see all the point on the map) but, the problem is that the x,y point is not in the currect format like the google maps need... an exemple for some point:




, but i need it to be with latitude and longtitude... maybe someone know if there is a formula to change this xy poiny to longtitude and latitude and i will do it with c# or there some other way to do it?


i didnt got an answer anywere i hope some one know it.... thanks... jordan.


im sorry but im new in autocad....:glare:

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Then do a search for a conversion program. Use as your search terms....


"Israel transverse mercator"+"latitude and longitude"


Or use...


"ITM"+"convert to latitude and longitude" or "ITM"+"convert"+"latitude and longitude"


Good luck.

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I am not sure that it is Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates, because the most Southern part of Israel (near Aqaba) has the UTM coordinates of

686426 mE, 3263478 mN.

The Eastings match up but the Northings may be offset.


Besides that, have you tried showing UTM coordinates on Google Earth? On the tool bar, click on Tools, then Options which gives you the option of setting the coordinate display in several formats.


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When I did a Google search for "Israel mapping grid", the fourth hit on my screen gave coordinate translation information for the Israel Transverse Mercator.

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In AutoCAD Civil 3D there is a function to translate known coordinate systems into WGS83 (Lat + Long), but if you are using vanilla AutoCAD the functioality is not there. Your best option then is to das ReMark said and do it using a conversion program.


If you can program in C# get the translation parameters (see post #8) for your location and use a 7 parameter Helmert Transformation.

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