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Found 16 results

  1. hello, as I motioned I am new here and need someone to help me and make for me autolisp routine or program that can automatically draft for me the building sides , so I just need to input for him the floor plans so he can draft the sides of the building automatically and also the sections of the building further without too much effort from me can someone be kind and do it for me ?
  2. I have a vector map of a floor and all i am given are vectors and grade ratios (i.e. 1:155.095, 1:97.561) of the floor. The problem is that I only want to look at the areas of the floor that are below a certain grade ratio (1:69), but they are ratios set as Text Contents so AutoCAD doesnt understand that these ratios are numbers. I am looking for a Lisp function that, for each text if a ratio across an entire floor (or the layout), copy the text (which is a ratio), find out the number that the ratio is (i.e. take the 1 and divide by 69), then replace the text with just the number (0.0145). I want this to do this for every instance, and there are over 37,000 of these texts on the floor in question. I have attached an image that depicts what I have in the layout. Does anyone know of a lisp function that can do this?
  3. Hello all, real newbie here.. My first question is: AutoCad 2016 (student ver.) is there a possible way of selecting one line (property RED) and then have a command that could select all the lines in model space that have the color RED?? Could it be done with using any of: linetype/lineweight/line color ***IF WHILE IN MODEL SPACE EVERYTHING IS ONLY "LAYER 0"***....meaning I didnt use the layer properties what if the RED lines are a block? Can I SELECT one block and then USING a SELECTION TOOL it could select all the blocks?? NOW 18:53- I WILL BE HERE UNTIL TOMORROW NO LATER THEN 09:00 PLEASE HELP ME
  4. Hello, 1) How can I convert a file to be applicable to be edited in inventor from auto cad? 2) I have an STL file which I have tried to use the mesh add on from inventor to convert it to an editable file with no luck. Anybody know how to convert an STL file to an editable file in inventor? thanks in advance for your help
  5. hello I'm quite new to autocad but I'm slowly learning, anyway I know enough to make a floorplan and etc. The problem is when I plot it to pdf, I know you have to set up the viewport and page set up manager and all the basic stuff. I've done all of that already but when I plot it to pdf at actual size it's always off by like .5 cm ( I use a 1:100 scale) I measure on screen with a triangular scale. I've always had this problem and I thought that it was either my pdf viewer (at 1st I was using mozilla's) so I switched to nitro reader, but nothing was happening it was still not accurate. (also if you ask why I don't use acrobat reader, it's because whenever I try to install it on my desktop all my icons become pdf files and won't open anymore) please help me, It's so frustrating not having accurate dimensions. by the way I use autocad 2013 version.
  6. Hi, Is there a way to generate rectangles based of the information on table. Example: Each row of would table have length, width and name information. CAD should be able to read these values and generate corresponding rectangles on the model space. Thank you, Nixon
  7. Dear forum members I need to draw some cross sections of a channel from spot levels (x,y,z data). My surveyor collected those data by RTK. As these are 3 dimensional data, is it possible to draw cross section from these data in Autocad? Because cross means only x & Y 2D data. Dear members please help me. I am really in need of your help and my project time is very short. Sayem
  8. Hi guy's, do you have any solution to this, why do this always happen when i use a jpeg as a texture it becomes dark, see attached file, the left part is the texture and the right is a raster image of the original jpeg. are there any option or setting i need to modify or edit to lighten the texture. Thank you,
  9. Why I cannot see certain lines on my drawing in the model view but still can be printed out? I want to delete them. But I cannot see and find them in model view. This frustrates me.
  10. I am trying to decal sketch on mesh using exponential map. While generating exponential map, I am calculating plane by initial point on mesh and normal calculated on mesh by that point. then algorithm calculates nearest vertices from that point and traverse to them by edges. Then Edges are projected on plan with their original lengths. It works in most cases, But there is problems in case of sphere. the map is getting twisted. Do I need to do anything different for the spheres? Any ideas on how this issue can be resolved? Or has anybody done something similar using a different algorithm for exponential map? I have created below code while (i m_iExpPos = i; if (pVertex->m_iNeighbour > -1) { CVector vecPoint = pVertex->toVector() - pVertex->Neighbour()->toVector(); double len = vecPoint.norm(); CVector tmp = (pVertex->Neighbour()->normal() * -1) * vecPoint; vec = tmp * sketch.m_meshNorm; vec.unitize(); vec = vec * len; double u = vec.dot(sketch.m_meshX); pVertex->m_u = u + pVertex->Neighbour()->m_u; double v = vec.dot(yDir); pVertex->m_v = v + pVertex->Neighbour()->m_v; } else { vec = pVertex->toVector() - pnt; pVertex->m_u = vec.dot(sketch.m_meshX); pVertex->m_v = vec.dot(yDir); pVertex->m_Propogation = vec; } AddAdjacentUnvisitedVertices(pVertex, lstVerts); } pnt is one point where exponential map will start. Initially, lstVerts will contain vertices near to pnt. Gradually it will add adjacent vertices. I think problem is algo uses edge length as it is in exponential map. I think it need to be adjusted. I don't know how? To know about Exponential Map and Algorithm that i have used, please refer below links http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:331960/FULLTEXT01.pdf http://www1.cse.wustl.edu/~cmg/content/papers/sig2006tm/sig2006tm.pdf
  11. ruhul26

    auto CAD learn.

    how car learn auto CAD software.which version is appropriate for beginner.
  12. Hello, I have a Drawing in which I need to draw thousands of parallel lines (offset) on different distances. Is there anyway or Lisp Routine which can help me to Draw all the offsets at once for each line. see the screenshot below for reference. Thank You, Regards, Sidhu
  13. i have a file in autocad with somthing like 24,000 points of objects that include the x,y coordination in autocad... so i export all the point to a txt file because i want to have all this point in my database of my site (i am using google maps to see all the point on the map) but, the problem is that the x,y point is not in the currect format like the google maps need... an exemple for some point: 181447.163751433,643530.564881084 , but i need it to be with latitude and longtitude... maybe someone know if there is a formula to change this xy poiny to longtitude and latitude and i will do it with c# or there some other way to do it? i didnt got an answer anywere i hope some one know it.... thanks... jordan. im sorry but im new in autocad....
  14. crackils

    Locking Layers

    Hello, I have a question regarding AutoCAD 2012 and when it comes to locking layers. When working on the basement layer I would like to see that layer locked in turn not affecting my other layers, ie: my house/garage/second-floor. Any help would be much obliged!
  15. i have solidprofessor solidworks premium video tutorial 2007-2011 package with latest 2011 updates(2007,2008,2009,2010 update video also include). all together there are about 11GB and 98+hours videos. contact me at rsampath99@yahoo.com
  16. hello cad users, i am making 3 contineous objects, which are in cylindrical in shape,i want to rotate these object differently by using script.iam using these script: rotate all 2,5,7 30 delay 200 rscrept but all the 3d objects are rotating at a time.i want to rotate different objects in different angle and direction. any suggestion for me my friends.
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