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Draw Order Not Working Correctly with 2007

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I'm new and self taught on cad (so sorry if i appear dumb)


I've used cad now in a basic 2d architectural sense now for 10 years, through various versions.


I have recently dropped back to a 2007 from 2008 (changed jobs) and for some reason the draw order is all messed up i noticed this first through hatching but its on everything including inserted images.


I've tried a few of the solutions on other threads even uninstalling cad and re-installing it and nothing seems to be sorting it. Functions like 'send to back' etc just don't work and the draw orders are all to pot.


Any ideas ?

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Welcome to the forum. :)


Do you have all the service updates, hotfixes and such for 2007 installed?

I don't know how much of the information displayed in the image will apply to 2007, as this info is from 2012, but some of it may be relevant.


Lee Mac has a drawing order lisp which may get you back on the tracks,

on his wonderful website. http://www.lee-mac.com/layerdraworder.html

Lots of great tools there, very generously shared by Lee.

Thanks Lee! :beer:


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