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amanda phillips

2013 running slow

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amanda phillips

We are having trouble with some of the PC’s in the office running very slowly.

We are all running AutoCAD civil 3D 2013, however when we open the same drawing on different machines some machines are painfully slow while others are ok.


The main problems seem to be :-

  • when switching between tabs (there are 9 layout tabs) some PC’s take 4/5 seconds while others take up to 60 seconds.
  • Hatching some pc’s are fine while others are painfully slow – that is if they don’t crash.

The operating systems on all of the pc’s are similar

We are operating

Microsoft windows XP Professional Version 2002 service pack 3

Intel® Core™2 CPU


3.00GHz, 3.24 GB of RAM

NVIDIA Quatro FX 1700


This problem is very frustrating and we are puzzled how it seems to occur on 3 out of 8 of our PC’s.


I would be very grateful if someone could advise us


Thank you

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First things to try - set one at a time and test until you find the culprit.


HPDLGMODE set to 0

Dock the command line.

Set hardware acceleration on.

Turn the layer manager off.

Turn off Selection Cycling, SC button at the bottom of the screen.




Start AutoCAD with a new profile on the trouble machines as a test.

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amanda phillips

Thank you for your reply.

I tried altering the settings you suggested but unfortunately they didn't cure the problem. :(

I just noticed that some of the PC's (the slow ones) were missing a SHX file - created by MX - I have inserted the file and they are a lot quicker. Acad must have been looking for the file when switching tabs.

Thanks again for your reply

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Yep, usually one PC being slow is either a setting / files missing / folders missing / something using too much RAM. You could always use Process Monitor to check where the failed attempts occur.

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