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CADTutor on facebook


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What would be the point of CADTutor having a Facebook page anyway? What would one post there? Disclaimer: I am not a Facebook user thus the reason for my question.

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I think David started the page to bring this site to a wider audience and a few of us regulars went there. The "chat" didn't really happen as there is no threading and the few questions that were asked were of the "will you do my homework for me" type. As I implied above, I hadn't noticed it was no longer there.

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Oh, OK. Thanks Dave.


BTW...I have this assignment due tomorrow and............................................................:lol:

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We could put a "Dislike Facebook" button on here.


Had one, hated having one, deleted one.

There was a reason I didn't stay friends with people from school. They were d***s.

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Raudel Solis

Ehrm this will screw us over... but think about it...

How many visitors come to Cadtutor.net on average per month? Lots!!

How many people on earth do not know about cadtutor.net? About 7 billion!!

Although with facebook we wont get near 7 Billion people....:/

Why create a facebook page for Cadtutor.net? To generate traffic for Cadtutor.net



If successful....

A lot of students.

some professionals.

Few new dedicated users.



What to post?

Pages linking to Cadtutor.net

Post with CAD tips

Post With 3ds Max tips :D

Post with Inventor tips

Post with A++ User generated content


All that summed up = Profit :twisted:

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