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How to import V-Ray materials to 3Ds Max


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I learning to work on 3Ds Max, the problem that i stuck is that i can't understand how properly import V-Ray materials and apply it to objects that they would look like in the picture.

For example i found this material on internet:



I download it, and import it to Max trough Material editor.

When i do that, i get all list of materials:




and thats what i dot understand, i though that it would be one material, and and i could apply it instantly, but i get this mess, or just i do something wrong?

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"I came"




Back to business

the issue with that scene of yours is that you are missing assets, i found that material by coincidence on vray-materials.de

so i downloaded it and checked it out

and my first assumption was right you are missing assets.

The steps to properly import a material library from a foreign place is to

1. Locate assets

2. specify new file paths in the material slots

3. Recreate any missing assets or cry


- A video tutorial is being rendered as i type this and will be uploaded soon

it will cover the way to import vray materials and a quick overview of the scatter operation. 8)




Video tutorial is now live at


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Oh my good, i newer had such response to my thread :shock:

I'm now at work, as soon as i com beak home i will try to do that.

Ad of course huge thanks!:), I thought that no one will answer to my question:).

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i have the same problem with Xawier, but i didnt' understand the solution you gave Raudel Solis! Please, can you explain how i locate assets to begin with? or post the link of the video you were saying.

i can't load any material the last hour and i am driving mad! :?

(I use the 3dsMax 2013)

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