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WIP Aston Martin DBS

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Hi all


Literally just joined the forums, hope to gain some helpful advice while on here :D


Recently moved from Blender with a lot of knowledge but still getting grips to max and trying to push my self harder.


I have always wanted to model a car of some sort, I can model military vehicle's fairly easily without trouble mainly due to them being very rectangular.


The model is still in very early stages around 3-6 hours not quite sure exactly but anyway here we are first ever go at modeling a vehicle and with about 3 months with 3ds max.


Be nice XD

3dsmax 2013-02-16 03-49-00-79.jpg

3dsmax 2013-02-16 03-48-36-94.jpg

3dsmax 2013-02-16 03-48-33-04.jpg

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