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Can't seem to coincident-constrain two shapes on different planes


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I am trying to make a stylized model of a molecule and having some issues.


Here's the sketch of what I'm trying to create:



So far, I've been able to sweep a circle around a hexagon-shaped path, which will create the single-bonds in the benzene ring in the finished product:


I made a circle on the XY plane, then made a hexagon-shaped path on the YZ plane, did a coincident contraint on the center of the circle and attached it to the path and then did a sweep along the hexagon path. Hooray.


Then I needed to create the covalent / double-bars on every other section. I figured I would create another hexagon-swept ring, but with all double-bars, and then cut and copy the bits of each together afterwards so it would look like this:



I tried sweeping to faces, but it only gave me one segment, but it didn't work.




So then I thought I'd sweep two circles around the edges of a square-faced sweep in hexagon form to end up with two rows, like in this example:




So here's my attempt, but I can't get the edge of the square in the middle of the two guide circles to coincident-constrain to the corner point of the hexagon path (I tried "project geometry" to no avail, and it's turned on automatically):




Here's the sketch of the face I'm trying to sweep:



Not sure why it's not working this time around, and I might be going about this the wrong way... would love some help on this. Thanks!

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