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Hello this semester i took Computer aid grafting design and i am using autocad for the first time .. until now for being the first time using autocad i think im going really well and i have learned a few things and i feel good about that but now i am struggling to pass this course and it is very important for me.


We are working with autocad 2013 and were using the autocad 2013 intro to 2d fundamentals ..im working right now with chapters 5 and 6 and i have a little bit of trouble trying to understand how do you draw a 3d model to 2d using the construction line and top , front and side view .. if anyone can help me with this i will be very thankful , thanks


im posting the pictures of the projects that i need to deliver this monday and i am very far behind




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Welcome to CADTutor. :)

As you are using Autocad 2013 you can quite easily generate 2D drawings of existing 3D solids by using the VIEWBASE command.

That is the good news, the bad news is that will only help you once you have managed to create or acquire the

3D solids which you wish to represent.


Should you have them, be sure to set your Drafting Standards BEFORE using the VIEWBASE command, right click on your LAYOUT tab to access the dialog box shown in the image.

In the states we favor 3rd angle projection style, Europe and some other locations favor 1st angle projection style. :)


You can also do these views without modeling them first.

set your drafting standards before using viewbase command.JPG

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You are not drawing a 3D model rather you are constructing the three standard orthographic views top, front and side and perhaps even throwing an isometric in for good measure. I say this only because you mean "construction lines".


On the other hand, it is possible to extract 2D views from 3D models in AutoCAD 2013 by any of the following means:


1) Flatshot

2) SectionPlane

3) SolProf

4) SolView/SolDraw

5) View Base


If any or all of these have been discussed in any of the chapters you have already covered please let us know and we'll move on from there.


By the way, the images you have posted are all isometric views that are typically given a student so he/she can create the required orthographic views.


What have you managed to draw so far if anything? Please post an image.

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2D AnchorBase.jpg

I'm puzzled by your lack of response but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have been busy as a bee creating the required orthographic views. Here is one of the anchor base I'll share with you. Kindly return the favor if and when you have the opportunity.

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Bearing Base.PNG

Bearing base.

The only way to get good at this is to practice, practice and then practice some more. It doesn't hurt to ask questions too. We'll gladly guide. In the end it is your assignment to do. Good luck.

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