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Part of my position requires me to upload a PDF of the layout for our floorplans. My question is- How do I make sure the layout stays the same every time? I plot to PDF several times a day and it seems like the second time I plot, the layout goes the opposite direction that I previously setup- under Page Setup Manager...

So, I have to start over several times, setting up the layouts when I wish I could just hit plot and go.

Does anyone know if there is something I missing or does this happen to anyone else?

Is there a save function I am missing here?


Thank you!

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Are you maybe referring to the Plot dialog box and not the Page Setup Manager? If so, you need to click "Apply to Layout" and save the drawing after plotting in order to save your plot settings.


If that is not the case, can you please describe the steps your are taking in detail. It's hard to tell what is missing without more information.

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I think this may be the answer to my problem. Basically what happens is after I set up the layout with Page Setup Manager, then go to Plot, it goes the opposite direction that I want it to. If it doesn't help I will ask again!

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If you are actually using Page Setup, make sure to set as current before exiting the manager or select the correct page set-up from the drop down list in the plot dialog.

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