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I'm using AutoCAD LT 2013 for Mac.


I have searched other threads about loading new hatch patterns but haven't found an answer to my dilemma. Most seem to deal with locating the correct folder to place them in. I have done this correctly(or so I assume). The hatch patterns I downloaded (.pat files) are now in the same support folder that contains acadlt.pat and the like. The new patterns show up in the library list but do not have a preview image in the box next to the name like all the standard ones do. Rather the box is white with a red diagonal line through it. When I try to select the pattern it says "error in pattern file." I tried this with .pat files from other sources to doublecheck the patterns I'm trying to use aren't corrupted with the same result. Just fyi: the patterns are from eldorado stone. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


Thank you!


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I had the same problem with those patterns so I assumed they were corrupted somehow.


You might try this. Open one of the problematic hatch patterns and add a single blank line to the bottom of the pattern then save it and retry. What happens?

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Usually, Pattern files have to have the same file name as the name inside the file.


From the Eldorado site, the patterns for a PC have the proper file name ashlar.pat, but the Mac patterns are ._ashlar.pat.


I do not run a MAC, but I wonder if the file name makes any difference. The PC patterns work fine :D

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Some of the Eldorado pattern definitions (such as STACKEDSTONE) are remarkably large, some are reasonably small. Are you having difficulty with all Eldorado patterns?

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