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Can you export cross section lines from hec ras to autocad??


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I need the actual cross section LINES that are shown in the HECRAS model, not just the alignment... I've tried check marking everything that the "GIS export" option in HECRAS gives you to no avail (all I can get into ACAD is the alignment, not the 74 cross section lines along with it)... HELP!!!! :shock: :cry:

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It depends on how the data was imported into HEC-RAS. If the source data was imported as a geo file then you'll be able to export it out as a geo file again from HEC-RAS. Refer to the HEC-RAS manual for details. I generally like to check the exported data before trying to bring it into ACAD.


Open the exported geo file in a text editor such as notepad++. Refer to the section in the file that has the stations. Among other things the stations in the exported file will contain vertex data, see if the information looks correct to your co-ordinate sysytem.

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Thanks for the help... ANOTHER problem I am currently having is exporting just the alignment. It worked before, but now it's not exporting the alignments. I've created the alignments, but the file created is empty after the export...?

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