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"Multiple Values" in ductwork

Lee Roy

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I would love to use sooo many expletives towards Autodesk right now.


What the hell was the reasoning for this?! 2012 worked great, but leave it up to Autodesk to screw it up.


Apparently if you tap one duct into a larger duct, that larger duct now has "Multiple Values", but if you wye or tee it in, then all's gravy. This destroys any auto-sizing capability and creates the need for work-arounds in scheduling.


F U Autodesk



Select Duct:



WTF Values:




Go home Revit, you're drunk.

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That sucks. A Tap is a normal and very common way of running branchlines. Haha, so much for using Revit in your loads... Get back on Trane's Trace I suppose. ;)




I wonder what happens if you use the Split tool to just split the duct, with a coupling? Just to divide the main is all.

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We export to Trace anyways for loads, people don't trust Revit around here.


Splitting the duct, as you suggest, works. I'm doing that for now while I replace all my cheap taps with expensive wye's. The drawings will say to use a wye, but I can't stop the guys in the field from using taps.


Manufacturing time in our shop is like 30 minutes for a tap and 2 hours for a wye, then installation is more difficult because the wye isn't as flexible in its placement as a tap. Spiral duct is made to length, then if the tap has to move 2', whatever. If a wye has to move 2', we have to shorten one length of spiral duct and make up for it elsewhere in the system.




...and Autodesk sucks...

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Oh cool, didn't realize you guys manufactured your own duct. The mechanical contractor I worked for through all my past years of CAD design had one too. I learned a lot by going back there and asking the shop guys how they did stuff. That, and the fact I do have three years of actual field experience.



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Oh yeah. The company started out as manufacturing only, then hired in-house engineers and grew to where we now go from pencil concept to servicing the equipment years after the fact and everything in between.


Huge shop I like to go "play" in. One of my current projects is modernizing the CAD/CAM software and controls for the plasma CNC's.

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