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Any advice on learning the Piping Industry?


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We've tested it side-by-side with Trane Trace with almost identical results. The difference was small enough that it was moot.
In that case, I might need to sit down with our senior engineer and run some more tests. :)
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Hey Guys, good topic.

It makes me think of how both sides get their experience.


Roe I am sure there are multiple paths to get to where you are going and I think you will get there. I would think a trade school class at night could help and would be fairly inexpensive. Also look into books for studying for a trade specific contractor's exam.


From my end I work with the guys from all the trades doing the 3-D coordination, and they came up from construction (I have gotten a lot better because of this site). They started as apprentices, kept moving up, took a liking to drafting and moved inside. They are all well versed in all the codes and I know they and I always check the engeniers work. Not to the point where I am doing a load calculation for the service on a double ended 4,000 amp service. I hope they sharpen there pencils on those!


As for me I have an electrical contractors license and could go into buisness tommorow. There is plenty of calculations in getting your license and just working in general. Most small work never gets engenierd it gets desined by the contractor and has to meet code and be inspected.


On The duct end, the guy you call for service work would have no problem sizing the duct in your house, and larger jobs as well. the mechanical guy could size his systems too. There is probably more to know doing residential/small work because nothing is pre-engineered.


Nobody is perfect, from the ditch digger all the way to engeniers. The job I have been doing, the ground size in the parallel runs of conduit are to small (and also passed plan review from the state). There are plenty of RFIs being generated from all the trades. I think the whole BIM process is great. It is another check along the way to compleation, and hopefully everyone makes $$$.


Good luck.

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Thanks Stykface


Here is the place I buy my code books from.


I have been buying books from there for 25 years (I am 45). Then it used to be by mail through a catalog. For awhile it was like getting the Sears Christmass catalog 4 times a year :shock:. For my trade they have good design books and specific topic books like grounding, motor/transformers, pools and spas etc.... Most of the books are written by well respected people from the industry and sponsered by respected organazations and standards like IAEI (International assosiation of electrical inspectors)and the NFPA (National fire protection assosiation)


This link might be more specific for what you are looking for.


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In fewer words, attempt to understand how to control the system in order to truly design one. Building Automation Systems are the future of human demand and comfort. The placement of piping and ductwork accessories such as dampers, valves, sensors, etc are simply mechanisms to maintain control of design expectations. I hope you can draw inspiration from understanding control. -MSH

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