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Does anyone know whether there is a problem with MyCADsite.com? As a retired Civil Engineer and well past his 'three score years and ten' I found this site invaluable in guiding me through the process of 2D CAD. I am now moving on to 3D solid CAD and my first inclination was to see what Art's tutorials were like. Alas no response from the link on this site or from a Google search!


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There is no problem with the website. I just viewed it a few seconds ago. Everything is functioning as it should. Try again.

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)


I just tried it, and no problem took me right there.

I first used his site when I began self instructing online four years ago,

it is a very good resource for learning the basics. :)

There are also a great many good videos on this site

which you might want to consider using.


Good luck, if you are reasonably conversant in 2D commands, it

will surprise you how quickly you can broaden your horizons into 3D.

When creating solids I would suggest that you favor an ISOMETRIC perspective,

as it will be much easier to grasp.

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Thanks for the response ReMark and Dadgad. I have just moved to a new laptop and the firewall or security software must be blocking MyCadsite. Yes, I also use the excellent tutorials on CADTutor and find the site very helpful. Unfortunately I can't justify the expense of AutoCAD so have been using ProgeCAD2008 Smart and am presently on the 30 day trial of ProgeCAD 2013 Professional.


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