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sketchup to v7 or v8 dgn.


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pleaaaase help!!! :cry:


i am trying to import a drawing into CAD from sketchup. i have exported the drawing from sketchup as a dwg. file.

when i try import it into CAD. an error msg pops up that says it is an unsupported file. only v7 and v8 dgn. files supported. :?


I have the student version of CAD 2012.



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Hi Kirsten, I have a few questions about your issue. You say you exported your model from SU as a .dwg file but you say that when you try to open it in AutoCAD you get an error message about it being the wrong .dgn file version. Is this correct? Well you seem to be talking about 2 different file types here. A .dwg is an AutoCAD file while a .dgn is a Microstation file. In SketchUp when you export your .dwg file make sure you look in the options window and select the correct version of .dwg file. Which version of SketchUp are you using, SU7 or SU8?


Edit: Are you using AutoCAD (you said CAD 2012 in your post) or are you using Microstation?



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D'oh, I read it as dng and thought she was importing the model as a picture.


No worries mate, it's Monday after all ;) (or it is here)

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Monday afternoon for me now! Slowly waking up.


Unfortunately work won't pay for Sketchup Pro so I can't export models at all so I'm afraid I won't be able to help.

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If you have V8 already installed, go and download and install V7 pro and only use it to export. This gives you 8 hours but it only takes a few seconds to export a file. ;)

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