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RO using Ortho not set at 90d increments

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I've looked everywhere to find out if there is a setting I inadvertently changed when using Rotate. Whenever I want to rotate an object, and move my mouse up, down, right, left, it not rotating in 90 increments but at 49d26'7.3" I don't know how that happened but I cannot figure out how to reset it back to normal.


Does anyone have a clue? I can restart in a new template, but I'e drawn so much that when I copy and paste, it brings that setting in. It's making me crazy!


Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Please call the DDOSNAP command, go to Polar Tracking tab and check what value you have set on Increment angle field.


Also, please don't forget that will get the same effect by activating the Ortho mode ( key).

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Do u want to rotate object by 90d increment exactly or what???? If yes then i'll provide u a lisp for that


change drawing units type from Deg/min/sec to Decimal degrees.....and try again

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Seems to be a bug with Polar Tracking in AutoCAD 2011, I use Ortho for a command or two and then go back to Polar tracking and it goes back to correct angles.


Are you using Ortho or Polar?


Have you restarted AutoCAD and/or your computer?


Is it 1 drawing a few drawings or all drawings?

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Since the OP stated he was using ORTHO and did not mention POLAR, I'm thinking that this is a UCS issue but it could be something else. The drawing was more than likely started with WCS and it somehow got changed along the way. It is also possible that it was started with a rotated UCS and then corrected.


Can you describe the steps you are using to rotate and include a screen shot of your command line history, (F2) for the rotation command?

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