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Three 3ds Max Questions

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1. How do you remove the square-gridded plane at the center (please see the attached image), make it disappear?


2. When I rotate all of objects which consist of assemblied objects, certain object dissapear from my sight. For example, if I look the objects from the front side, the back side is dissapear. How to make it not dissapear?


3. How do scale object in 3ds Max such as magnifying or make it smaller?


Thank you


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1. Hit the "G" key on your keyboard.


2. Select the object that is disappearing, right click and choose "Object Properties". In the Properties dialog, under "Display Properties", uncheck "Backface Cull"


3. Are you talking about scaling the object or zooming in and out? To scale an object, select it and then use the "Select and Scale" tool. It's on your toolbar right next to Move and Rotate.


You're welcome

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