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Drawing relative angles


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How can I draw the bottom line, with an angle of 132 relative to the middle line? Pulling my hair out here, and I don't have much to spare!:twisted:

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If the top line is horizontal, then the bottom one is at 34 degrees from horizontal, so:

Specify first point:

Specify next point or [undo]: @50

Specify next point or [undo]: @50

Specify next point or [Close/Undo]: @50

Just replace the length (50) with what you need.


Other, just make a copy of the middle line and rotate it with -132 degrees.

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When drawing relative angles, I start with the first line, then Copy it on to itself. Then Rotate about the end point using the correct + or -, then adjust the length using Lengthen. And so on, and so on.


When you get into the swing of it, it goes quite fast, and there is no bothersome mental arithmetic :D

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Welcome to CAdtUTOR. :)

I too would likely do it as Eldon and Msasu suggested, with a line copied on itself.

There are polar tracking options too which could be invoked.

polar relativity option.JPG

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I would leave the "copy on itself" step out as I am a bit lazy.

I would draw the horizontal line then select it.

Select the rotation point and right mouse button Rotate, right mouse button Copy and enter angle. This will create the copy at the correct angle all in one step.

Repeat for second line.


If the lines are not all the same length the len total can be used to set lengths.

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