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Help with layers

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I recently started using MEP again (2012 version). I am not an expert by any means, self taught how to draw pipes.

My question has to do with layers.

I drew in some storm lines, they came in on layer m-pipe-std. Then I drew in some gas lines that came in on M-pipe-nat-low.

I can turn off the storm lines, but when I try to draw another pipe (say the gas line) they automatically turn back on again. I need to be able to turn off layers and them stay off while drawing on new layers.

Has this happened to anyone before?

I am the only one in the company using this software, it was just installed a few days ago, so maybe it was not installed correctly?

Any help would be appriciated.


thank you -


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Your software is installed correctly. What you're experiencing is a very powerful layer tool called Layer Keys.


You will need to read up on them here: http://exchange.autodesk.com/autocadmep/enu/online-help/search#WScedd0d2069f889345e3974fa25664ce5-7fe2.htm


To edit the Layer Key Styles, open the Style Manager and go to Multi-Purpose Objects > Layer Key Styles and choose the one loaded. Also, if you go to the Application Button > Utilities > Drawing Setup > Layering tab, this is where the source DWG file is pulling the Layer Key information from. I have never tried to make any objects to a ByLayer for current layer setting so I wouldn't be able to help you there.

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