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I am running AutoCAD 06, and I am working on a set of drawings from another office. When I open and save the drawing it takes a lot longer than usual. Is there something in the drawing that could cause this? Can it be fixed?




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Did you try purging the drawing? I've seen that happen before, check the file size to see if it is abnormally large. Sometimes purging doesn't work, and deleting layer filters doesn't work either, and the only thing that helps is copying the drawing to another template. So just try those things, and if it doesn't help, maybe someone else on this board knows a better trick than I do.


Hope it helps!

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Also check to see if there are a number of layers turned off (and therefore invisible).


Does the file size reported by Windows Explorer seem in line with the drawing itself, or does it seem way larger than normal?

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I'm having the same problem:

I work from home and access the company's server by vpn connection. when I work on drawings at home, I save them locally, including x-refs. I then detach all images, redirect all x-refs.


In Options > files - i have ensured all files / file searchs are local (i've save all our blocks, linetypes, dimtypes, etc locally as well).


I assume acad is still trying to do something over the vpn.. even though the vpn is not connected.


what am i missing?




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