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chamfer & fillets disapear when 3Dmodel is copied


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Hello everyone,



I just made a 3D model with ACAD 2011.




It has chamfers and fillets.

When i copy the 3D model, the copy doesn't have any chamfers or fillets :o.

Anyone knows why?




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I made a copy of your object within the same drawing and it had all the same characteristics of the original. I then did a copy/paste to an entirely new drawing and it still retained all the same characteristics. I see no reason for you to be losing these types of details. Did you try closing the drawing, exiting AutoCAD then reversing the process?

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I did close and reloaded Acad.

Didn't help tho.

Never had this bug before.

At first i thought it might had something to do with Mech. Desktop.

Both program were running at the same time and using the same file.

Mech.DT used the file in read only.

So i really don't know what's happening here.


I reloaded Acad ones again right know. Still got the same problem.

The 3D model was made with press-pulls.

So i'm gonna try and make it again with extrusions.

But honestly, i don't believe it has anything to do with that.

Seems like some variable changed...




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Try turning off solidhist and see if the problem persists.

Might also try brep command before the copy paste.

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learned something today:P

didn't know about the brep command, but it solved the problem.

is it somekind of a repair function or what?

anyways thx a lot people

CADTutor rox!:lol:

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