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mtext background masking not working over xrefs


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I have a dwg that I'm using paperspace for text with a viewport of an xref'd 3D model, I have some mtext with background masking, using drawing background color, border offset factor of 1.2, it only masks when I hover over the text. I used Draworder and brought the mtext to the front, nothing I do works, what can the problem be? Fill is on, shademode is 2Dwireframe. I am using Acad 2011.

Thanks for any help!

R. L. Hamm

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I've had this same problem. From what I've heard, xrefing another drawing reverses the draw order of objects in that drawing. Moving the text to the front in the original drawing actually moves it to the back in the xref.


One clunky solution is to change the elevation of the text objects so that they're above the rest of the drawing. That will override the draw order.

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I will try that, I sure wish Autocad would spend more time fixing bugs than they do adding more bells and whistles.

Ramon :)

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You say that the your text is in paperspace? If so, check your plot settings and make sure that the "Plot Paperspace Last" option is selected.

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