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Programming to simplify my operation

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I am a sales rep for a manufactured steel product. I have done CAD drawings for 7 years, but we had a program/lisp/i don't know what you call it set up to make the drawings much easier and faster.


I think I attached an example of my draftings, as you can see they are pretty simple.


What I'm looking for is someone that can.


1. Make an autoplot program that works w/ the Item 2

2. Make borders, that are scalable in Model space. (letter, ledger, Arch C, and Arch D) w/ my title block

3. Make a set scale function that changes all text types size automatically this should be linked in some way to the borders

4. Creates quick key/type commands for the following:


a. line

b. copy

c. move

d. normal text

e. title sytle text

f. dimensioning (leaders and horizontal/vertical)


organize a line weight color scale


All my drawings are two dimensional.


Please note i am a salesmen and don't know understand CAD tech speak.


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Did your CAD tech up and quit?


A couple of the items (numbers 2 & 3) you want are now considered "old school". Item number 4 is already included in AutoCAD. They are called "command aliases". These are noted in the acad.pgp file which can be edited by the user to include new command abbreviations. Item 1 - autoplot. Haven't looked at your drawing. What is that supposed to be all about? Have you heard of script files? What about batch plot programs? The Publish command?


Are you willing to pay someone here to create custom programming for your company?

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1. Auto plot...I suppose it's a script...again I'm a steel sales guy...All I know is if I have a drawing w/ an 11x17 border and I typed in "plt"...the border and everything in the border printed neatly on an 11x17 and yes there was also a batch print function in there, which was nice.

2 and 3 - Yes I know it's old school but it worked and worked well. CAD 2002, but Windows 7 says no bueno to the programming so we'd be stuck in Windows XP for eternity. What I know is I could CAD draft simple stuff like I attached in a few minutes, without this problem;


Building sizes always change, but my paper stays the same size. So I want the fonts to easily change.


4. Your right, I sort of know that, just to lazy to change it.


Pay...yes most definitely. I don't expect anything for free and I'm all ears for making it easier/ newer schooler, but not losing performance.

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