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Acet- functions family... help me & help files


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Hi every one,

For days I looked on the internet from detailed info to mere description of all the ACET-..... functions given by the express tools.

I found a great excel file listing all of them (I think - see attached file: ACET-FUNCTIONS.xls)

But nothing really tangible regarding how to use them...

I've looked @ all the *.chm files from autocad I have in my system but nothing came up (one small express tool chm file on the tools shown in the ribbons nothing more).

So if someone can enlighten me I will be very thankful


NB: I'm on Autocad 2012.

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*hop-ing the post*

No one has a clue for me ?

No website or file ? I'm mostly interested in the acet-geom-.... functions

Thank you


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As far as I know, there was never any full documentation for the 300 or so acet-* functions included with the Express Tools, for most, you will need to do some detective work to deduce the type & number of parameters required by each function and the result returned by the function based on the function name...


The only partial documentation that I am aware of is this at AfraLISP:




And this CHM hosted at JTBWorld:




Good luck!

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Tks LeeMac,

As far as I remember The acet-*s in the .chm you gave me are similar to the ones on AFRALISP, but a local file is much better :)

Someone said somewhere that using ACET-*s functions was "like building on quick sand", on the other hand many of you here are using functions like ACET-GEOM-*s.

So is the time spent digging ACETs .LSPs is really worth it ?



Thank you for the answer & the file !

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You're welcome.


I personally tend to avoid using the acet-* functions if at all possible, since you cannot guarantee whether all such functions will be supported across all versions of AutoCAD and also whether all users will even have Express Tools installed.


However, sometimes it is unavoidable if the desired functionality cannot be recreated using standard AutoLISP, for example, the acet-ss-drag-* functions allow object ghosting whilst retaining all drawing aids (e.g. Object Snap, Tracking etc.) - ghosting can be achieved using the AutoLISP grread function, however, at the cost of all drawing aids.

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The most useful ones are, as Lee mentioned, the acet-ss-drag-* ones and acet-sys-shift-down. But, yeah, avoid all when possible.

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