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Insert Multileader, with user block, with polyline info


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Dear Lisp Masters,


I need help to do this:


1 - Insert a Multileader with a user defined block - OK, no problem.

2 - Pick to place block - OK, no problem.

3 - Pick to place arrow - OK, no problem.


So far so good, then a lisp capable of:


4 - Pick to select a polyline.

5 - Collect some info from polyline such as width, lenght, layer, vertices coodinates (x,y,z) etc.

6 - Pick to select a Multileader

7 - Insert the collected info into the block attributes values.


It's possible to do that?


Greetings from Portugal!!!

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First of all I am by now means a CAD master. However, my recommendation would be to add a leader to the dynamic block that has attribute lines for what you need. I attached a s screen shot of similar one I used. Then using visual lisp you should be able to pull out the information and update the block information. Some sources to reference


Afralisp.net: If you look under the visual lisp section you should be able to learn how to pull out the information from the polyline.


http://www.theswamp.org/index.php?topic=22663.0 : There is some coding written here for updating attribute that I find very useful. putdynpropvalue, getdynprops, getdynpropvalue Written and tweaked by I think by Jeff Mishler, Steve Doman, Herman Mayfarth and Tony Tanzillo



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Thanks for your repply!!!


I'd made some changes in my needs.


What I need is a LISP to do the following:


1. select polyline.

2. select block (see attach).

3. Insert info in block attributes.

LD_PLNAME - from polyline layer name PH_ELEC_CDC CFO, all characters starting from right to left until first underscore, so LD_PLNAME would be "CDC CFO".

LD_PLWIDTH - polyline width.


LD_COORDS (it's a multiline attribute)- polyline X,Y,Z coordinates from vertices and midpoints


If this can be donne, I'll export this info to an excel file.


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