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Line perpendicular OFF another line


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Hello forum,


is there a simple way for drawing lines or plines perpendicular off a given line which is not horizontal or perpendicular itself?


Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-07 um 14.30.17.jpg


Is there a way for drawing that yellow line in the drawing with a given lenght directly off the ending of the white line? Without using SNAPANG or thelike?





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You could use Polar Tracking.


You could use the SNAPANG command.


You could reorient your UCS.


You could probably even find two other ways to accomplish the same task.

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Rotating the UCS is my personal favorite way to do that, some common methods are below.


Draw a line perpendicular to the endpoint of a line.


1. OTRACKING on,OSNAP endp and perp set, POLAR on, start line command,

acquire end point, move 90 degrees in direction you want, type the

value or pick, pick the point you first acquired. If there other lines

at the endpoint of the target line you may not get the proper results.


2. Rotate the UCS with the OBject option, and draw away. I have this

automated with UO as my quick keys (UCS, OBject), and to go back I use

UW (UCS, World).


3. With POLAR set to Relative to last point, start the line command,

use an osnap, pick the line, move 90 degrees in the direction you want to draw and enter

the value or pick.


4. Rotate the crosshairs with snap, rotate, pick two points on the



5. MOCORO command to copy and rotate.

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Thanx everybody for the replies!!!


Funny enough, when trying to use your solutions I had to find out the thing I was looking for was already there and I appaerently had been ignoring it all the time!


The only thing necessary to do was to shut off ortho, obviously...:oops:


Looks like the OTRACKING is always "active" in my AutoCAD-Version, even when it´s set to "off".


So the way to achive what I was looking for is doing is the way rkent is describing under "1." But with only OSNAP set to "on", no POLAR , no OTRACKING. When moving in the 90° direction I have a white x appearing (which I could not capivate with the screen shot here underneath) and "perpendicular" written.


Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-07 um 15.51.32.png


This is f****** practical!!!


Thanx again everybody!

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