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    • Yes, I think an AutoCAD LT centralized forum is a good idea.
    • No, I don't think it is necessary for this forum to exist.

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Indeed where are my manners. A big thanks and a firm handshake from me, and please no more of this funny stuff

I want to hug you.
were british
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You can be Russian for all I care I'll still treat you the same as I treat everyone else. Pff... Funny stuff... Everyone likes to have a hug every now and again and you know it.

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If they were Russian, then the hug would be fine, and could be followed by a kiss, or actually two, once to each side, but can be full on the lips in some subcultures/states.;) Just be careful what you advocate over there.:facepalm:


Oh, and congrats on the new forum. :) That goes for all you LTers.:thumbsup:

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I would like to announce that it's great to see the AutoCAD LT forum added, and since it's debut it's already been very active and I'm glad. I think it adds a new level of depth to this community as a whole. Is it me, or does it seem like there's way more people on this forum that use LT? Haha, must be the activity of the LT forum is all.



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Yup. In the other forums, how many times have you seen someone ask how to speed up a repetitive something specifically in LT only to get a half dozen lisp programs posted.

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