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Corridor Intersections


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I am having some trouble with the intersection tool. The results are never what is intended.


Is there a way to create the intersection manually?


I tried pasting both primary and secondary road corridor surfaces into a new surface, then used feature lines to connect the curbs on the returns. Then I added those to the new surface as breaklines. The results were just as hideous.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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It takes a bit to get used to the Intersections and what Assembly goes where etc but once you get used to it

creating intersections goes pretty fast. I've found that labeling your assembly's correctly helps allot. Also a key factor is how you create the original

Alignment. Make sure is is Perpendicular with the Main road Alignment

at its ending point if its just a 3 way Intersection. Also remember that the Alignment Stationing will follow from 0+00 from the Main Road to your intersecting road on the SW corner and from 0+00 to the main road on the SE corner. So when picking your Assembly you have to think about what direction the Alignment is going. Hope that helps and didn't just make it more confusing:D

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