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Changing xref layer lineweights


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Hey there,


Version: Civil 3D 2012 and use CTBs for our plotstyles.


I'm not sure how to exactly express this question so try and stick with me on it.


I'm working on a fairly large project that requires an excessive amount of base drawings. We frequently will be asked to have a drawing made and issued in a morning. To make sure we can constantly throw these drawings together quickly we've setup an xref system of all our base mapping data. (I'm sure this is a common thing but its the first time I've been exposed to it).


A lot of these drawings will have polylines with global widths on them. The problem with this is that global width doesn't always work so well when changing scales (we frequently bounce from 1:100 to 1:20,000) or when you just don't need the line to be so thick.


Two questions:


1) Would anyone advise us to stop using global widths on lines in the base drawings and switch to a method of setting lineweights of the xref layers when you xref in a drawing.


2) We've tried what I've suggest in question one but find that it ends up rounding off the end of the lines. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


I realise this was long winded and maybe a bit confusing. I'll be following the thread closely so please ask if you need any clarification.



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You've already answered your first question. Eliminating the global width gives you the control of the lineweight.


There is a setting in your plot style for how to print the ends of lines. There are several options.

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