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Found 19 results

  1. I have a table in AutoCAD Architecture 2013. If I click in a cell, acad highlights the cell with extremely thick borders, as shown in the image below. I guess this was because of the table line weight settings, so I tried to change the table style, cell style, set different grid line weight for all grid lines, etc. Nothing works. Here is the dwg file. CellHighlight.dwg Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Hi Friends, i have created a new linetype with the text 144F on it, it looks fine in Model view & layout, but while plotting that file into pdf, the text inside that linetype getting blurred & not appearing properly, could someone help me to resolve this issue.symbol & line types.lin i have attached the required screenshots. Note: i have created the line type using the TEXT, i m attaching the line type here. sample1.dwg
  3. Hi, I have converted a pdf to .dwg via Zamzar so I can work on it. Most of the lines are now very thick. I have measured these as being 17.5mm in model space. This makes it quite difficult to work with. I have changed lineweight but it doesn't help. I have highlighted all, properties, thickness, changed to 1, but it doesn't change anything. Is there any way of changing all these back to their original lineweights or do just have to get on with it? Many thanks.
  4. AutoCAD 2016 Right now we pdf (and it looks great), then we saveas a TIFF file. PDF lineweights look good, and so do the new TIFF lineweights. We are trying to publish straight to a TIFF file, but are lineweights are to fine. I've tried going into the imported "page setup" file and changing the lineweight in the page setup manager's "plot style table", but that did nothing. Any suggestions?
  5. My current college CAD Instructor is very loose about following a standard regarding Line weights, colors and hierarchy standards for Architecture. And that frustrates me because I want to produce drawings in class that match common industry standards. Can any of you provide a visual guide (chart) for your commonly used standards?
  6. Hello All, I've seen many posts about this issue and they seem to be resolved easily, but these solutions seem to not apply to my issue. My lineweights are not displaying properly in MS. I have set the layers' lineweights to 0 mm in Layer Properties Manager. I have turned on the Show/Hide Lineweight button. The lines are still showing too thick and this is a problem for me. The Layer Properties Manager is showing that they are indeed set to 0 mm thickness (lineweight), but the drawing is showing otherwise. Any ideas? Solutions? As always, thanks, Beef
  7. Hello, AutoCAD in my PC works OK, but since I have created new dwt. templates, I can not see lineweights in my preset layouts anymore. I have searched through many forums and tried to make it, but nothing really worked. (LWEIGHT on, checked, LTSCALE , CANNONSCALE ) But - when I start to draw in ordinary acad template, everything works normally. Is there anything I should do to make my template layouts work? Thank you for any help. Tereza
  8. Hi Guys, I'm creating a layer setting pull down menu, in order to migrate my cad to revit I would like to define the linewight. So far I managed to create a command with a dashed line: (defun c:layA-SEC-LIH-005() (command "layer" "m" "A-SEC-LIH-005""C" "magenta" "" "l""DASHED2" "" "") and another one with the lineweight (defun c:layA-SEC-LIH-005() (command "layer" "m" "A-SEC-LIH-005""C" "magenta" "" "_LW" 0.10"" "") but I haven't been able to create one that combines the 2 of them.. any help? Cheers Roberto
  9. I've been trying to plot a drawing from the layout, I made a viewport and scaled it 1:25. however when I preview the print (I'm printing to pdf by the way) the lineweight is out of scale and I've checked the option "scale lineweight". Even if I uncheck it, the lineweight stays the same
  10. I already change the lineweight on the properties but nothing happens to the line. What's the matter?
  11. Hi fellow drafters, I've been using Tables referencing Excel tables I've written up for a long while, but usually stick with Calibri font and everyone is happy. But it is required for these new tables that I use RomanS in the tables to match our lead contractor's format. The problem I have is my font comes out illegibly thin, and I cannot seem to control it outside of using bold font in the table. Does anyone know how to increase/control the lineweight of the text inside an external reference table? Even if through excel, I just need to know how to make this table legible. Thanks,
  12. Ok, maybe I haven't tried everything, but that's why I'm here asking your expert advice. ISSUE: I'm dealing with a 3rd party file. They have their own .ctb set up already (I'd prefer .stb, but I don't want to mess with their file). I can't get the lines to print in anything other than Default (which seems to be about 0.2?) Here's what I've tried so far, with no luck: 1. Set the color of my layers on the .ctb to print 0.6 2. Set the color of my layer on the .ctb to "lineweight of the object" and then changed the Layer's Properties (in the layer manager) to 0.6 3. Changed the properties of the lines THEMSELVES to be 0.6!!! 4. I set LWEIGHT to 1 and did "Display Lineweights", but I didn't want the thick lines to appear on the drawing, I just wanted them to PLOT. 5. I've also set PLTSCALE to 1 and MSLTSCALE to 1. I should add that the at the moment I've been printing to a standard office printer, and the lineweights might print if I send the files to a proper print shop, but I'm not sure. Arg, nothing is working... at this point, I've been reduced to doubling lines and filling in with the Solid hatch in order to achieve the thickness I'm looking for... :(any ideas? Any ideas?
  13. I have been using Autocad on my windows laptop for the past 4 years now. LAst month, i purchased the new iMac. I copied my old drawing template and plot styles etc over to my iMac. Heres the problem: When i plot / print a set of plans etc, the lineweights do not come out as clear as what they do on my old laptop. I dont really know how to clearly explain it, but the lineweights almost seem to come out too similar, however they are slightly different. I have gone over the line weights to see if they're all correct and the same as on my laptop, and they are. Im using, and always have been using my canon mx870 printer which is supported both by my laptop and the iMac. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because until then, ill have to carry on using my laptop PLEASE HELLLLLP!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hey there, Version: Civil 3D 2012 and use CTBs for our plotstyles. I'm not sure how to exactly express this question so try and stick with me on it. I'm working on a fairly large project that requires an excessive amount of base drawings. We frequently will be asked to have a drawing made and issued in a morning. To make sure we can constantly throw these drawings together quickly we've setup an xref system of all our base mapping data. (I'm sure this is a common thing but its the first time I've been exposed to it). A lot of these drawings will have polylines with global widths on them. The problem with this is that global width doesn't always work so well when changing scales (we frequently bounce from 1:100 to 1:20,000) or when you just don't need the line to be so thick. Two questions: 1) Would anyone advise us to stop using global widths on lines in the base drawings and switch to a method of setting lineweights of the xref layers when you xref in a drawing. 2) We've tried what I've suggest in question one but find that it ends up rounding off the end of the lines. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I realise this was long winded and maybe a bit confusing. I'll be following the thread closely so please ask if you need any clarification. Thanks!
  15. Does anybody know how to change lineweight on the circle? another word i want to make the arc line thicker. Can we do that rather than offset the circle and Hatch it. I use Pedit alot on straight line but won't work on circle. As you can see on the picture below when i changed the lineweight to be bigger but the circle is still the same. Please help. thanks.
  16. Problem: When I print to PDF from AutoCAD 2013, some text is plotted with extra lines. Some letters are double printed (see attached image). This happens on my coworkers' machines as well (they are running AutoCAD 2010). I have used: AutoCAD's internal DWG to PDF option Bluebleam PDF CutePDF Writer Adobe PDF It happens with both MTEXT and DTEXT. CTB file is consistent between the file and the plotter. I have not altered the pens, linetypes, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. When drawing in .stb-file (with layer dependent plot style, plotting in monochrome) and when Dimension Text Style is set to Romans (must not be changed), then how to change line weight of Lines and Text separately? Please help. Thanks.
  18. Hello helpful people. I'm having a problem I haven't encountered before. Every line I draw, no matter what layer I make current is showing up as a thick red line. It doesn't matter if the layer that is current is green or what the lineweight is. I bound an xref to my drawing; I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. For now I just use match properties after I draw my lines to get them on the layer I want.
  19. Hi. I am trying to extra layer data, including the lineweight onto an excel format. I added the lineweight information into the lisp routine, but I am definitely doing something wrong, as it continues to give me an error. Thank you in advance! Here is the routine that was modified to include the lineweight.. (defun c:LA2EXCEL (/ nm lnm llnm nam name opf ln lname color ltype lna lnamea colora ltypea,line_wt,description) ; ;I added line_wt in the line above ; (setq nm (getvar "dwgname")) (setq lnm (strlen nm)) (setq llnm (- lnm 3)) ;(setq lay_alst (entget (tblobjname "LAYER" "LAYER-NAME"))) ;(setq line_wt (cdr (assoc 370 lay_alst))) (setq lay_alst (entget (tblobjname "LAYER" "LAYER-NAME"))) ; ;I added this line below (setq line_wt (cdr (assoc 370 lay_alst))) ;I added this line above ; (setq nam (substr nm 1 llnm)) (setq name (strcat nam "csv")) (setq opf (open name "w")) (setq ln (tblnext "layer" T)) (setq lname (cdr (assoc 2 ln))) (setq color (cdr (assoc 62 ln))) (setq ltype (cdr (assoc 6 ln))) (setq stat (cdr (assoc 70 ln))) (cond ((= stat 1)(setq state "FROZEN")) ((= stat 2)(setq state "FROZEN IN NEW VPORT")) ((= stat 4)(setq state "LOCKED")) ((< color 0)(setq state "OFF")) ((>= color 0)(setq state "ON")) ) (write-line "Layer Name,Color,Linetype,Condition,Line_wt,Description" opf) (write-line (strcat lname "," (rtos (abs color) 2 0) "," ltype "," state) opf) (while (setq lna (tblnext "layer")) (setq lnamea (cdr (assoc 2 lna))) (setq colora (cdr (assoc 62 lna))) (setq ltypea (cdr (assoc 6 lna))) (setq stata (cdr (assoc 70 lna))) (cond ((= stata 1)(setq statea "FROZEN")) ((= stata 2)(setq statea "FROZEN IN NEW VPORT")) ((= stata 4)(setq statea "LOCKED")) ((< colora 0)(setq statea "OFF")) ((>= colora 0)(setq statea "ON")) ) (write-line (strcat lnamea "," (rtos (abs colora) 2 0) "," ltypea "," statea) opf) ) (close opf) (alert (strcat "File " name " created in current folder")) (princ) ) hanks!
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