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Hex nut / bolt head in isometric


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Hi all, trying to draw a hex nut in isometric...I've got the ellipse with the inside/outside dimensions but as far as placing the lines and connecting them to make the hexagon perimeter I keep coming up wrong.... any ideas?

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Yes. Draw the bolt in 3D then go to your layout, create a viewport, and choose one of the default isometric views available. If you need a 2D view of a 3D model there are five different ways to accomplish the task using AutoCAD 2014.

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You have to find where non-iso line's endpoints are and connect the dots. Draw a rectangle to enclose the hex, measure where the non-iso lines cross, transfer, connect. See attached.


Or simply draw in 3D. Draw hex, extrude. Switch to iso view, use flatshot, go back to top view...


Or draw in 3D and display in an iso view with the Base view commands.

iso hex.jpg

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