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How to copy layout and move it to end with command


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Firstly,Sorry for my English and I admit I'm addicted to making enhancements in CAD drawing o:)

I'm looking for quiet simple way to copy current layout and move it to end using only some commands.

I know "Move or Copy..." dialog box method but I need to do exactly the same thing using commandline.



What for? I've prepared little button which places boundary of viewport in model space and copies current layout with increased number like 'Layout1 (2)'. It's very useful with long maps projects (for example: creating 200 same layouts of trace/route). Button works fine except placing duplicated layout tab behind current one. So generating another copy of layout I get reversed order. I don't know is it clear so let me explain:


  • my first layout is named 'Sheet(1)'
  • duplicating with my button,
  • after this I have two tabs: 'Sheet(1)' 'Sheet(2)'
  • duplicating with my button again,
  • after this I have three tabs: 'Sheet(1)' 'Sheet(3)' 'Sheet(2)'

As you can see 'Sheet(3) is misplaced and performing action again and again gives ...'Sheet(5)' ..(4) ..(3) ..(2)...

With hundreds of layouts I need to rearrange them somehow. With publish option is so painful ;).

Button is based on
this tip
and using this command:
[font=helvetica][font=courier new]^C^C_pspace;_boundary;[color=red]100[/color],[color=red]100[/color];;_chspace;_l;;_layout;_c;;;[/font][/font]

that works only on viewports that are placed somewhere about 100x100 units (
it doesn't matter
on layouts with
only one maximized vport
bigger than 100x100 - red values in code above).

I am not geek yet so I don't know how to find any command performed by dialog box - maybe debug, but how?

I am using AutoCAD LT so VBA or LISP is disabled for me.

Please help if it possible.

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