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concatenation of attribute blocks


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I have a drawing template with a title block containing attributes title1, title2, title3, title4, title5, dwg1 and dwg2. I need to map title1, title2, title3, title4, title5 to title description and dwg1, dwg2 to DWgdesc in TEAMCENTER (PLM software).


So I need to write an autolisp programme for creating two new attributes in my drawing template i.e titledesc and dwgdesc and add them into my existing title block. After that I need to concatenate title(1 to 5) into titledesc and dwg(1 to 2) to dwgdesc attribute.



Please help regarding this issue.

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(defun c:aaa ( / blkss att val vallst tag a b)
(setq blkss (ssget "_X" '((2 . "TITLEATTRIBUTES"))))
(setq ATT (ssname blkss 0))
(setq ATT (entnext ATT))
   (while (= (cdr (assoc 0 (entget (setq att (entnext att))))) "ATTRIB")
     (setq val (cdr (assoc 1 (entget att)))
    vallst (cons val vallst)))
(setq tag (nth 1 vallst))
(if (=(strlen tag) 1)
  (setq a (strcat "-0" tag))
(if (=(strlen tag) 2)
  (setq a tag)
(if ( = (nth 2 vallst) "1")
(setq a "-00")
(setq b (strcat (nth 53 vallst)a))
(command "-attedit" "n" "n" "" "L-CONDWGNO" "" "-" b)

"titleattributes"=block name


you may be able to use and modify this for your needs, though don't cite me on that

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