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Help with a batch DXF routine


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Unfortunately, I'm not much of a programmer so I need some help with a routine. I typically cobble things together from what others have done but I can't really find anything to even start from on this one.


The company I work for has panels created in ACAD 2013 which are exported to dxf and cut on a cnc machine. We manually nest these panels on sheets then export each sheet one at a time. What I'd like to be able to do is window select everything and have AutoLISP create a dxf for each sheet using an existing block reference as the name of the dxf. I've attached a dwg of what we typically have and labeled in yellow what's what. The entities that we export are only on the following layers: MAGENTA, WHITE, GREEN, & BLUE. Each of these represent a different cut type for our router.


Anyway, anything someone could help with would be appreciated. I guess my biggest problems are how to select and cycle through each sheet. I guess another thing would be how to check if a sheet was empty so it wouldn't export those. I think if someone can get me a basic example I might be able to take it from there. I would like to learn more but don't seem to have the time.


Again, anything would help and thanks for all the effort people put in on this forum. Lots of generous people giving their time here.




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I have to apologize. I guess I just wasn't thinking about it. I guess I thought since I'm not actually creating drawings for work with it that it wasn't an issue, but I do see the conflict and will cease and desist until I get a legitimate solution from my employer. I do appreciate the heads up.


Not sure if I can close this thread myself or not but I'll request it of the moderators.

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