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Batch Multi-Sheet DWF Publish using Scripts


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Hi All,


I have a functioning Spooling lisp routine that allows me to process a series of drawings from a list in a text file. At the moment I can run routines, print and generate single sheet DWF files.


My company now has the requirement to generate Multi-Sheet DWF files that include the Model and all Layouts. I am creating the DSD files for each drawing that opens with the spool process and then run -PUBLISH command using the created DSD file.


When I step the script through one line at a time it all works perfectly, but when I run the spool un-interupted, AutoCAD crashes with a Fatal Error: Unhandled Access Violation Writing 0x009b Exception at 9bh


I am starting to think that it is not possible to create a Multi-Sheet DWF using Scripts, but I would really love to get this working.


Any and All input greatly appreciated.

Colin Holloway

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Have a look at this plus there are others just change the output printer. http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?69132-Printing-LISP-Help...&highlight=Printing-LISP


I am trying to generate a Multi-sheet DWF which includes the Model. I believe that this is processed differently to a Single-sheet DWF (which does use the DWF printer driver).


I have is working generating a Single-sheet DWF for each layout or each drawing in the list, but it crashes AutoCAD when I try to generate the Multi-sheet DWF




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