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Hey All, first time post here,


I have an issue that drives me insane. When I print a layout with a PDF or an image in the viewport, the print job size inflates to some ridiculous size that is much larger than my referenced PDF/bmp/jpeg. For example, today I tried to print an 11x17 color layout with a google map aerial in the viewport. The referenced map, inserted as a jpeg using the xref manager, was approximately 500k in size. However, when I printed the layout, the print job inflated to 52MB, and would have taken almost 10 minutes to load at the printer.


When I unload the image through the xref manager, the print job completes immediately, so I know its the image causing the issue.


Does anybody have a solution, or have heard of this? Other Civil 3D users on my network do not have this inflation issue. This problem kills me when I have deadlines to meet and plans to print!


Thanks everyone.

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The answer lies in a setting that is different. Compare all the print settings within the printer settings between your computer and one that does not exhibit the bloating.

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Rob, thanks, you're right. I combed through all of my print settings outside of AutoCAD last night and found that my printer port was different from my colleagues'.


Sure enough, when I switched the port from a LAN to a TC/IP, the print jobs would still inflate to dramatic sizes, but they would transfer to the printer much faster (i.e., 50x). Therefore, instead of taking 20-25 minutes to spool a 150 MB print job, it takes ~25 seconds. No more need to worry about large print sizes if they are sent quickly.


Thanks again.

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This will be very helpful! We recently had a project that is 107 pages... Took forever to printer. I am looking to see if this could fix it!

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