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Does anyone know how to update a block already present in a drawing with a block pasted from another drawing.


I cannot use insert block with a file named the same as the block in the current drawing because the pasted block (of the same name) contains a visibility parameter that if I explode before inserting loses the parameters.


If I insert the same named block within a same named file to the current drawing the drawing holds onto the original block because it is within a block.


Am I making sense....


I am hoping there is a work-around this to update the block.

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Here is one option as posted at the AUGI > AutoCAD General forum by murrayc.49304 on 2009-05-14.


Try this...


1. Open the drawing where block XYZ needs to be replaced


2. Using Design Center (ADCENTER) navigate to the drawing file that has the updated XYZ block, and in the left window pane, expand the contents of the drawing (ie. click the "+" sign)


3. Click on the topics called BLOCKS, find the "good" block, right-click on it, and from the pop-up menu select "Redefine Only".


The blocks in your current drawing should update accordingly

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