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AutoLISP to read an attribute (diameter) to draw a circle?

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Can a AutoLISP command be written to read an attribute in a block and draw a circle with the attribute as the diameter using variables? The appilcation is taking the diameter of a tree trunk (the attribute), multipling by 12, and drawing the canopy circle on hundreds of those blocks. So the circles drawn will vary in size.


Not sure how this could be set up, i'm NOT familiar with LISP writing AT ALL.


1) Read block, single, mulitple or definition?

2) Read Attribute

3) Varaible of attribute, (attribute is an inch measurement...it needs to be multipled by 12 to get feet for final use as circle diameter drawn)

4) Draw circle, variable, with diameter coming from attribute variable (attribute in inches that is multipled by 12)

5) Center point or circle to be block's base point


Thanks everyone, always such great help here!

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