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  1. As posted over at theSwamp, I thought I'd post it here for you guys also CopyText.lsp The program will allow a user to copy the text content from a source object to a selection of destination objects or swap the text content between two objects. The user may select from Text, MText, Attribute, or Multileader objects. Upon choosing 'Settings' the user can alter whether source object formatting should be retained upon copying/swapping to/with objects which permit the use of such formatting. Ideas/criticism/feedback are, as always, welcome Enjoy! Lee CopySwapTextV1-6.lsp
  2. Having written the first draft of my old 'Global Attribute Editor' program almost three years ago, I thought it was about time I offered something new and improved. And so, I've spent some time putting together a new and improved... Batch Attribute Editor A full description of the program, including some 'Hints and Tips' for using it can be found here; but as a brief summary: the program allows the user to modify the values of multiple attributes residing within multiple attributed blocks across multiple drawings. Upon starting the program using the command syntax 'batte' (Batch Attribute Editor) at the command-line, the user is presented with the first of two dialog interfaces: the first screen for input of attribute data; the second for drawing selection. At the top of the first dialog there are three edit boxes in which the user can input a Block Name, Attribute Tag and a new value for such attribute. The program can also process multiline attributes and the attribute value can use Field Expressions. The program also offers the ability to increment an attribute value for each layout/drawing processed. If an attribute value contains markers surrounding numerical data, the numerical section between these markers will be incremented by one for each drawing processed by the program. The user can also reference existing attribute values, facilitating batch prefixing & suffixing of attributes. After attribute data has been entered and a number of drawings have been selected to be processed, the user may click the 'Run' button to modify the listed attributes in each of the select drawings. Some Previews... Attribute Data Interface Editing an Entry Selecting Drawings to be Processed BatchAttributeEditorV1-5.lsp
  3. I have a dynamic block which have some attributes and I'd like to get the contents of the attributes. For example, if the block has 2 attributes, attr1_size and attr2_color, and the value of attr1_size is small , and the value of attr2_color is red, what I need is a list , (attr1_size small)(attr2_color red) I thought the (vlax-invoke (vlax-ename->vla-object block_name) 'GetAttributes) will do this, but the result was like this. (# #IAcadAttributeReference 0eef3e54>) Is there any way to get the attribute value from the random sequence? Or, any other code to get the value? What I finally want to do is clicking a block and automatically insert some new figures according to the value of an attribute. Thank you!
  4. (defun c:awz ( / sUndo enx atent atent_list) (setq sUndo (vlax-invoke (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)) 'StartUndoMark)) (setvar 'errno 0) (while (/= 52 (getvar 'errno)) (setvar 'errno 0) (setq atent (car (nentsel "\nSelect multiline attribute to change Defined Width to 0: "))) (cond ( (= 7 (getvar 'errno)) (prompt "\nNothing Selected.") ) ( (null atent) (prompt "\nExit.") ) ( (/= "ATTRIB" (cdr (assoc 0 (setq enx (entget atent))))) (prompt "\nSelected object is not an Attribute.") ) ( (= 4 (logand 4 (cdr (assoc 70 (tblsearch "layer" (cdr (assoc 8 enx))))))) (prompt "\nSelected Attribute is on a locked layer.") ) (if atent (setq atent_list (entget atent)) (setq atent_list (subst (cons 41 0) (assoc 42 atent_list) atent_list )) (entmod atent_list) )) (if sUndo (vlax-invoke (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)) 'EndUndoMark)) )(princ) )(vl-load-com)(princ) by researching past codes from pros like Lee Mac and Grrr, i was able to create this lisp all on my own. At work we have a program that inserts Blocks with a multiline attributes with information set in them and each value is it's own line of text. Unfortunately, sometimes, by that i mean most of the time, if a space is inside the information, it'll "word wrap" and create a new line. It is very annoying having to double click the attribute, then "..." and then change the width of sometimes over 100 attributes. Out of frustration, this Code was born. I welcome everyone to criticize this code as much as they can, i like learning how others would have written it. what i added that wasn't needed, what i needed that wasn't added, what would have been an easier approach. don't hold nothing back! If i didn't give credit to some of the original creators of the code that inspired me, i apologize. you guys deserve all the credit.
  5. Hi, I am Michel Can you kindly to help me to. I need a lisp for a cable routing. I have just a block consist of 3 attributes (TAG, SRTP, MVZ). I need to extract each relating value in separate column in excel. For example, if I select 5 blocks in drawing, I need to have 5 columns, each column has only 3 rows (3 attributes) and the possibility to have different rows for different electric cables in same file. Thank you in advance Michel richiesta.xlsx
  6. Hi, I have a dwg with a bunch of the same block in it (called Cabinet). This particular block has a number of visibility states. I have assigned an attribute (called SetVisState) to the block that I can modify via ATTOUT and ATTIN. I want a LISP routine to check this attribute in each block, then update it's visibility state based on this attribute. Unfortunately I have next to no experience with LISP, so any guidance would be appreciated. I have tried looking around this forum and others, but so far have only managed to run a LISP that checks the current visibility state and then toggles between states (I need it to check attribute value then change vis state accordingly). I tried Lee Macs code for getting attributes, but couldn't figure out how to apply that to my scenario either. Thanks in advance.
  7. I came across the attached LISP routine that allows attribute information to be extracted into an excel document. Unfortunately this code searches the entire drawing for attributes, when I need only specific blocks to be selected. I am looking to modify the following code, so that it will prompt me for a selection window when extracting specific block attributes in a drawing. If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate, as I have no experience writing or modifying LISP. Thank You ATTOUT.LSP
  8. Drawing A: old tag definition Drawing B: new tag definition Hi Guys, I have an opened drawing file A with an old attribute tag definition and brought in another attribute block with the same name but having a new attribution tag definition from a drawing file B. I had purposefully purged drawing A’s attribute block containing the old tag definition, hoping to bring in the same-name attribute from drawing B, having new tag definition. It went well except the Enhanced Attribute Editor still contains the old tag definition of drawing A – even though Battman shows the new defined tags from drawing B. This means that I need to somehow, Purge the old defined tags from drawing A. Am I able to purge the attribute’s definition from a drawing? I am doing this so I may not have to change the attribute block’s name and keep the new tag definition. Thanks for your time, "Mitch"
  9. Hello, I'm searching to make a LISP, to change the layer of an attribute. Actually it in "TopoAlt" Layer, I like to change in "0" layer (or other) I thinked about DXF code but i don't find it with dumpallproperties. "Battman" command would be a good solution but I can't make script "-eattedit" command is pretty close but I'm stopped when It need " attribute selection". If i could scripting "-eattedit" with an automatic attribute selection (like an already made SSGET), I could change the layer, or other properties ! Any Idea ?
  10. Hi, I have 3 drawings, each with 50+ layers. The client wants me to export each individual layer as an individual SHP file, and needs me to run the export every couple of months. I can write up a script file specifying each layer etc, the catch is that I also need to export the Attribute Data from the attached data tables for each item. I cannot seem to get a hook into the Attribute Data using the MAPEXPORT command in a script, e,g: -mapexport" "SHP" "c:\\Temp\\MyLayer1.shp" "Y" "c:\\Temp\\Street.epf" "S" "L" "All" "MYLAYER1" "*" "No" "Proceed" -mapexport" "SHP" "c:\\Temp\\MyLayer2.shp" "Y" "c:\\Temp\\Street.epf" "S" "L" "All" "MYLAYER2" "*" "No" "Proceed" This will export my layers, but minus the Attribute Data from the attribute table. Does anyone have experience in doing this kind of export to SHP? Is it possible to script, or code so that the shapefile contains the Attribute Data? I tried something along the lines of: -mapexport" "SHP" "c:\\Temp\\MyLayer2.shp" "Y" "c:\\Temp\\Street.epf" "S" "L" "All" "MYLAYER2" "*" "No" "D" "MyDataTable" "Proceed" But this was just a stab in the dark, I cannot find any documentation outlining the datatable in the command line use of MAPEXPORT. Note: I can export the shapefile manually and select the data table and it exports as I need it to (by selecting the Data tab in the export dialogue). I have very limited knowledge of Lisp. I hope I have explained my issue well enough. Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi All, I want to make a lisp program to add prefix/suffix to all attributes of a selected block. Say, what I want to add is "(W1)". If the block has two attributes and if the attributes have their values 12134 and 23564, it should become 12134 (W1) and 23564 (W1) This process has to be looped so as to enable editing of multiple blocks one after the other. So far I have this; (defun c:w1() (setq n 1) (while (> n 0) (setq ent (car (entsel "Select Block:"))) ;This is where I am stuck. This is where I need to edit the attributes );While );Function Please help...
  12. i have so many block attribute in my drawing, when i selection attribute and use attout. the result from txt file the list become not sequential. for example : I want the order to remain the same
  13. Hi, I am a beginner with AutoLISP. I have adapted a program found within this forum that adds attributes to an already existing block within a drawing. I have been able to change the font to ARIAL, but I would also like to make it BOLD, how can this be done? (vlax-put AttObj 'Alignment acAlignmentleft) ;; 4 (vlax-put AttObj 'StyleName "Arial") Is there a simple vlax-put command that can set BOLD to true? Thanks
  14. TL;DR I need to connect blocks using attribute values. I created multiple blocks and attribute with different properties (Annotative, scaled attribute text to 1:50, Upside down, Backward, Invisible, Constant, Verify, Preset, Multiple lines, Lock position, Visibility parameters) Request 1: I need to request for help to create a lisp for connect with *lines between attribute definition values since their attribute insertion point or block insertion point, ignoring all properties, included caps, but Visibility parameters not should be ignored, all this just of selected blocks (dynamic blocks, regular blocks, nested blocks). (check dwg attached for more details) Request 2: Add an option for let me choice if I need to ignore just specific attributes tag. (in the attached drawing I ignored between attributes values “tipo” and “nivel”) Request 2: Add an option for let me choice if I need connect just specific attributes tag. (in the attached drawing I connected between attributes values “codigo” and “alimentador”) Request 3: Add an option for let me choice for connect blocks insert point or attribute definitions insert point (check dwg file and images for more details) PD: attached blocks with the name “connect attributes.dwg” PD: if possible use DCL or OpenDCL for the GUI. connect attributes.dwg
  15. Hi guys, Im looking for lisp routine that instantly inserts field for measurement of dimension line to an attribute text or specific attribute tag in a block. i.e. I have this dimension line "dim A" and a tag "cutting_length" in the attribute, such that the attribute value will change according to the dimension. Thanks in advance!
  16. I've been looking for a routine that will allow me to transfer an attribute from one block to another. Ideally I'd like to click on one block which contains the attribute I want (from a field called ID_1), then click on another block and copy the attribute to another specific field (ID_2). I need to do this to quite a few blocks so I'd like to just continue to click between the two types of block. I thought I could modify the code on this page http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?32085-Need-Lisp-to-update-attributes, but this appears to place the same attribute on every block I click. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  17. Hello, In this DWG i need to pair text (which is room function) with block attribute "FUNCTION" that i've created. I can do this manually but it's over 1000 blocks ,so that make me wonder is it possible to create LISP which take nearest text into block attribute. I've found that LISP (https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/visual-lisp-autolisp-and-general/add-text-value-to-a-block-attibute/td-p/7949545) but it's swaping texts over rooms for example in room where laboratorium is located it name it biuro which is located next to it. Sorry for my plain english, I'm not native speaker. Thanks in advance! test_1.dwg
  18. Hello, I am student and I need help to make civil drawing to map drawing. I have a drawing which has rf_id and polylines but rf_id is block reference and this is not related to polyline. How can I relate these values together?
  19. I have created Dynamic Block with grips and Attribute linked to the parameter. Now I override that attribute value to a manual value through a program and change the parameter. Now, when I move the grips of dynamic block, the attribute value linked to it doesn't change and remains as manual value. Is there any way/ program to retrieve the relation between attribute and parameter value? Pls find attached Program and Dynamic Block. You can override linked values of "WIDTH" & "LENGTH" by 'double-clicking' on block and entering manual value. Upload & Run the program with command "DChange". This will change the shape of block as per manual value. After this, when you will stretch the grips of block, it will change the shape; but, the attribute value "WIDTH" & "LENGTH" will not change. Can this linking between Attribute & Parameter revived so that attribute values will change with moving grips? Straight Duct.dwg DChange.lsp
  20. Hello Guys, I have a doubt, someone knows if has some Lisp to get the last digits (specified - user input) of a dwg file name (in Windows explorer) and write it on a specific attribute name on a internal block. Eg.: I have a folder with 600 pages dwg files, so, the last numbers of it is a specific item to show the page number of that file, it's possible read these numbers and write in an attribute inside dwg to correct the page index.
  21. Hi, is there a way to save my drawing with its name in a directory by using a Attribute value. Example: Drawingname: test.dwg blockname: TitleBlock Attribute: SF:WE Attribute-Value: test2 And it should save the drawing in: C:drawing/test drawing/(attribute-value)/... but it should be in a dialogbox, so i can choose the specific subfolder the direcotry up to the attribute-value is fix.
  22. Good afternoon, I am very new to LISP and need your help, at this point I can only make minor changes to existing code but a lot of the code still is magic to me. I have a block "ULTRA INFO" with an attribute "CIRCID" that can be used to help turn off a layer with that name that has "-DATA" added to the end. What I think we need to do is to grab the attribute variable and store it, then add a wild card * to the end, lastly have it turn off a layer with that name. Here is my thought: Some how scan the drawing for an attribute named "CIRCID" if it is found store it as "LAName" for later use. Then turn off the layer: (command "-Layer" "off" "(LAName)*" "") Any help possible is greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance. Brian
  23. I've got a ton of blocks, each with the same attribute but different preset values. Obnoxiously, when they're inserted the dialogue box to edit the attribute value pops up (problem described here). I know this can be suppressed with ATTREQ, but I'd rather folks not have to change any settings and for this to work smoothly on its own. So, rather than manually going through and changing each attribute to preset > yes, anyone got a handy LISP for it? Thanks!
  24. Hello I have no idea where to post this so I apoligize if this is the wrong forum, but I was wondering if the following was possible: the setup is that i have a series of blocks that have multiple attributes in them, meant to get them in a list through DATAEXTRACTION. However alot of these attributes will consist out of a code, which isn't usefull to most who will see the printed plans. Is it possible to link a FIELD (or text) to the attribute and display text depending on what the value of the attribute is? (i.e. I'd make the attribute itself invisible) It would be needed that both of these texts are attributes, as they both have to be shown in the list received from DATAEXTRACT. as a random example: if the value = RAL9005 the text displays black if the value = RAL9010 the text displays white etc. Currently i have been messing with the FIELD option Diesel Expression with the following line: $(if,$(eq,$(getenv, Lookup2),test1),"abc","DEFG") Lookup is used to give a dropdown menu to select the initial text (test1) and the second attribute has to show 'abc' when 'test1' is shown on the initial attribute. (the idea was to add multiple if-functions where 'DEFG' is but i'd rather get this bit to work before going on further....) However this is not giving me any results. I suppose I dont have a grasp on how the Diesel expressions work yet so any help would be highly appreciated. thanks for any help.
  25. I am pretty keen to know if it is possible to change attribute tag names using lisp (or some other strategy). I have lots of different blocks, and they all have two attributes. The tag for attribute 1 is "X", with a value of "100" The tag for attribute 2 is "Y", with a value of "200" Is is possible to change all the blocks in the drawing, such that the attribute 1 tag is renamed from "X" to "A", and the attribute 2 tag is renamed from "Y" to "B". I would like, if possible, to preserve and leave unchanged the values associated with the respective attributes, and change only the tag. So basically, once the script is done, I will still have blocks with two attributes, one with the tag "A" and a value of "100", and another attribute with the tag "B" and the value of "200". To clarify; I'm not interested in replacing attribute values, but rather changing attribute tag names. Hope this is comprehensible to someone, and maybe even achievable.
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