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Dimention text cannot be scaled.

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Background Info: I am fixing about 10 drawings with to our clients standards, which are no where close to normal drafting standards. This client likes their titleblocks droped in to model space and scaled to fit, unless it has multiple scales on the drawing then it's O.K. to do it the correct way. I know right!!


Anyway I am trying to get some drawings ready for IFC.


The problem: The person that set these dwg's up did the dimentions in paperspace and now that I have them in model space I can't get the text size to change. I can't change them in dimention style format box because it is grey'd out. I tried to change the overall scale in the dim style box to no avail. I also tried highlighting and changing the text size in the properties box but alas that to failed. I would ask the guy but he has been out sick for a week.


Anyone got any ideas?

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It's like the dimention size is locked and I can't figure out how to unlock it.


I am not the best speeler myself, but anyone in this field should learn the correct speeling of dimension.

I am surprised that dimention was not underlined in red when you typed it out.

Nothing bothers me more than when a student turns in a Word doc to me with words that were pointed out by the software as incorrectly speeled.



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JD, I have 5 foster children (all from the same family) I get into work at 4:30 in the morning and have been putting in 10 hr days for over a month. After I get off work, my job really starts there are; wrestling matches, soccer games, guitar lessons, ballet lessons, dinner, homework, dishes, house work, grocery shoping, laundry, etc. If I am really lucky I get 5 hr of sleep a night. If it was a DWG I would have ran it through spell check but frankly, unless it is criticle, I haven't got time . If it bugs you that much, you have too much time on your hands.

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MSasu, you are the winner!!! I didn't even think about the text style. You should get some cozonac for this. :) (I miss my bunică)

Glad to hear that your issue is solved!


Multumesc! / Thanks for that!



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