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Revision Triangles


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Something I've been curious about:


Is there a standard for revision triangles (the delta symbol, with the # respective to when the change was requested) and whether or not they are to be kept on the drawings all the way through or deleted as you move on to the next submittal?


I've had either of the extreme requested by different contractors, I can see the benefit of either.


On one hand, it can be useful to see exactly when said-change came into play.


On the other, after the change has been approved it is a part of the design and doesn't truly need to be clouded as a change. If the intention is for them to simply bring attention to the areas of the drawings with changes I can see why they'd want them removed.


Anywho, just curious what (if) the are guidelines within the NCS.

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I don't have access to the NCS so this doesn't really answer your question.



Our default is to number the revisions sequentially per sheet. The first change to a sheet gets triangle #1 with reference in the title block to the date and Bulletin or Addendum. The clouds and triangles for previous revisions are not shown in subsequent revisions. Occasionally, we are asked to keep the triangles on.

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We elect to "revcloud" and denote (with triangle/number) only the latest revision in order to keep the drawing as free of clutter as we can. We do however list all revisions made in the revision box adjacent to our title block for continuity purposes.

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The revision mark is important to trace the changes made to the drawing in every revision, the revision mark depends on the company procedure on change management. some company uses letter as revision e.g. Rev. A, B , C and so on, some use number e.g. Rev. 1, 2, 3 and so on. The triangle mark (delta) should indicate the latest revision number and should indicate a cloud mark in every changes made the drawing based on the current revision let say Rev. B. The cloud marks and triangle revision from previous revision example Rev. B should be removed if there is occurence of Rev. C and indicate only triangle marks and clould for the current revision Rev. C.


I hope this helps.

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We do revclouds with the triangle and A# (addendum)  or B#(bulletin) and put them on various layers corresponding to the revision, so Add[#] or Bull[#].  Then the layers are frozen after that particular issuance. The "issued for" titleblock lists these.  If we run out of lines, we move the earliest entries to outside the print area (in case there's a question), and everything else moves up.  
Having organized well-named PDF sub-folders at every turn does reduce the need for preserving everything in the DWG, and one should definitely be able to delete all the old revcloud stuff if they want to clean it up.


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